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Onsite cemetery engraving 

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The premier provider for Onsite Cemetery Engraving & Monuments in Southeast Texas.


I provide Onsite Cemetery Engraving, Monuments, Memorials, & Headstones. 

Other merchandise includes: Forever photos, flower vases, Concrete foundations.

Services include:Onsite Engraving  Memorial Restoration, Bronze Refinishing, Monument leveling.

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With stone carving being one of the oldest ways of writing in the world. It is also becoming more and more difficult to find someone to go out in the cemetery and do an engraving. It’s also very important to see the work of the person going out to do the engraving. Will they be able to match an engraving on an existing monument? I am very proud of the work I do and I work extremely hard to ensure to my families that I will match the engraving to the best of my ability.



I am most proud of this loving, beautiful family I have by my side. My wife Terra, puts god and family first, and is also an amazing Teacher. I have 3 wonderful kids that from time to time like giving old Dad a hand at whatever job I am doing on a headstone or in a cemetery.

Monuments, Memorials,& Headstones


I offer a wide variety of Memorials. I can do a lot of great work to fit your family budget.  

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